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Our Presence in Canada...


Whilst we love our beach-side location here in the UK, over the past eight years we’ve also created a dominant presence in another country’s technology market... Canada

Montreal and Toronto have become second homes to our dedicated team at Caspian One, as they work to support people in these unique locations; achieving both their long-term staffing and career progressive needs.

In this article, we’ll provide some insights into the history of our presence in Canada along with info on recent successes, our activities in 2018 and plans for the new year ahead!

To receive more information from the Caspian One Canada team (including latest vacancies), follow us on LinkedIn by clicking the image below.

Our journey to Canada...

In 2004, Director Marcus Graziano created Caspian One, a dedicated technology recruitment business based on England's south coast. Marcus’s goal was to create a company that would cultivate a professional, supportive culture of true specialists - in stark contrast to the typical recruiter stereotype.

Caspian One became deeply established within the UK’s FinTech markets… developing hard-won, success-led relationships with investment banks, asset management, hedge funds and pension plans. It was these relationships that led us naturally into Canada.

Expanding on our achievements in the UK, client demand and the booming tech communities in Toronto and Montreal encouraged us to create a physical Canadian presence; and in 2010 our first dedicated team was formed.

Caspian One in Toronto

Initially, we focused on growing in Toronto. We already had contacts within large financial institutions, and within a short amount of time, we found ourselves working with all of Canada’s ‘Big Five’.

In the last 18 months specifically, our greatest success in Toronto was placing 25 people into one business area of a new, tier one investment bank client... in less than seven months.

Being the financial hub of Canada, Toronto offers a wealth of opportunity for tech professionals. But, Toronto’s attraction to the community has also created an abundance of capable talent, requiring a much more detailed and selective recruitment process to find ‘the best’.

Caspian One in Montreal

The tech-scene in Montreal differs tremendously to the financial, business-focused culture of Toronto. Quoting an article from;

“Montreal is about to hit the big leagues. From the cluster of hip startups in the Mile End area to the crop of collaborative workspaces springing up around the city, from the university-run incubators to the ever-growing selection of networking events, it’s definitely getting noticed.”

Our route to Montreal was through the biggest US investment bank. Now in 2018, we’ve expanded well beyond the limitations of ‘FinTech’... supporting seven clients to-date across AI, Cyber Analytics, Digital Signage, E-Signage, Security and much more.

This community is at the cutting-edge of the latest innovations, particularly in the fields of artificial intelligence - with focused startups and academics such as the Montreal Institute for Learning Algorithms.

People and companies alike (Facebook, Google, etc..) are rapidly being drawn to Montreal, but today there is still a significant shortage in capabilities - particularly relating to new programming languages. This is where we’re making a difference, by helping clients locate niche skill sets and attract a different breed of candidate.

Who’s on the team?

Dominic Bennett, Director
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Danielle Gray, North America Manager
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Paul Samuels - Manager, FinTech Clients & Delivery
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Ryan Hughes - Consultant, UI/UX market JavaScript (Angular, React, Node) / UI/UX Designers.
View profile | Connect on LinkedIn

Lidia Gennaro - Consultant, PM/BA market
View profile | Connect on LinkedIn

Lucas Fabri - Consultant, Infrastructure, Operations & DevOps
View profile | Connect on LinkedIn

James Aspin - Consultant, Java market
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Nadia McMillan - Consultant, Java market
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Adam Pender - Resourcer
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2019 in Canada

Next year we’ll be further developing our new client interactions in Montreal, expanding into new technological fields of interest whilst strengthening relationships built through 2018 - ensuring we continue to be recognised as an established, competent tech recruiter in this market.

In Toronto, the focus will be on maintaining our strong reputation with leading financial institutions; continuing to meet the demands of clients, supporting people across the FinTech environment.

Could we be helping you with your hiring or career next steps in 2019?

To discuss your circumstances with one of the team, contact us directly via or call +1 (416) 900 1284

Remember to follow us on LinkedIn for all the latest news, career support and vacancies from our Canadian team!

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