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Chief Technology Officers who operate across big banks, leading financial institutions and even FinTech innovators are currently in high demand -- particularly with our large capital market clients. CTOs define the strategic direction of the business, are capable of collaborating with executive teams and business leaders and are wanted for road mapping and problem-solving.

Successful CTOs know a wide range of languages and often have experience as a developer and are able to manage teams to achieve technical success. Find your CTO specialist below.
Ben Dowdle
When my clients have endorsed me in the past, it’s typically been because of three elements; my professionalism, my working knowledge of the support market, and my due diligence throughout the process. Whilst it’s common for recruiters to promote these abilities, I’ve proven them time and again, across 5 years of recruiting for top-tier financial clients. I’m proud to say I both understand and comprehend the technologies, projects and skill demands in the market today - which allows me not just fill gaps, but truly place the right people.

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