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Up to £80,000
Caspian One require a SQL Server DBA to work for a large financial services company that builds and operates electronic ...
Up to £65,000
Caspian one are currently looking for a Tableau Consultant for a large Data Science/ Machine Learning/ AI organisation b...
An opportunity to join a small, growing team who are expanding rapidly. You will be building a new in house Interest Rat...
Java Developer required to join a growing startup in London. My client is looking for passionate techies who are experts...
Java/JavaScript Developer required to join a growing Front Office team for a tier one investment bank.
Java Engineer required to join a highly technical front office team operating in a Greenfield environment delivering mod...
£550-£650 p/day
Front Office Rapid Action Developer required to join the Credit & Government Bond team for a top investment bank located...
Java technical Lead required to help grow out a global investment banks presence in Dublin.
€70,000 - €85,000
Java Technical lead required to help build out a brand new presence for Capital markets in Dublin.
£110,000 + Business bonus and benefits
Caspian One are working with a Tier 1 Investment bank who are looking for Quantitative Developer to join their front off...
£150,000 + Business bonus and benefits
Strat - Java The role is implementing a low latency, high performance, real-time trading systems.
Java Algo Contract - £800-£900 Working in a small Algo team sat on the desk with the quants.
£800 - £900
Working in a small Algo team sat on the desk with the quants.
Up to 150,000 + Business Bonus and Benefits
Java / Python Quant Developer / Trader responsible for building their trading platform and writing the models.
£550 - £650 p/day
Front office RAD Developer required to join a Fixed Income Trading team team located in the city
React Native Engineer required for a Big Data Analytics Firm. 3 - 6 month contract, £500/day, Central London
Greenfield opportunity sat within the front office of a city based investment bank
Technical Team Lead position for a leading hedge fund, working with C#, Akka.NET, MongoDB, FIX and HTML5 Javascript whil...
£550 per day
Full Stack C# / Javascript developer working on Front Office Sales Tools - Cross Asset for a global Tier 1 Investment Ba...
£600 - £750 per day
I'm currently working with an eFX team in London who are looking to hire a number of expert server side C# consultants. ...
£80,000 - £120,000 + Full Benefits Package
Capsian One are working with a bleeding edge fintech company who are looking for Senior Engineers with extensive UI & UX...
£60,000 - £80,000
JavaScript Developer required for a city based financial trading firm
Up to £120,000 + Benefits
Opportunity to join a technology company building high-performance enterprise scale Front Office systems for the financi...
Up to £80,000 + Bonus
Looking for an experienced full stack developer to join a tech focused proprietary trading firm designing, building and ...
Up to £75,000
Caspian One are looking for a DevOps engineer, experienced working with AWS and JavaScript - to work with a Data-Science...
£150,000 + Business Bonus and Benefits
Desk facing role helping the business solve complex problems.
£110,000 + Business Bonus + Benefits
Quant Developer working on the FRC desk. You will be helping the business deliver on a high profile programme of work. T...
£70,000 - £90,000 + Bonus
This leading hedge fund is looking for an excellent server side C# developer with a knowledge of risk concepts to work o...
£550 per day (DOE)
Java/JavaScript Development contract opportunity sat with a global investment bank in London.
Java Developer required to join a leading Investment Bank based in the city. You will develop and support interest rate ...
£50,000 - £70,000
A city based financial technology firm are currently seeking a Senior JavaScript Engineer. This highly tech-driven organ...
up to £90,000 + equity
Greenfield Java opportunity sat with a leading Fixed Income eTrading start up in the city.

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Development / Management

A wide scope of roles and needs and an expanding range of technologies and languages have made the role of Developer highly sought-after -- particularly for Developers with niche skills. Languages such as Java, C++, C#, and Python are most popular but Developers with functional programming experience in eTrading and front office environments are often at the top of our clients' wishlists.

Most of our specialists work within this sector -- supporting a broad range of languages and business areas. Find your Development consultant below.
Marcus Graziano
In the late 90’s I witnessed first-hand, poor recruitment practices that lacked integrity and created negative stereotypes of our industry; which we’re still overcoming even today. It was seeing this behaviour which inspired me to create a business that would stand out for its high values, whilst being a reflection of my personal beliefs and aspirations. In 2001 I brought Caspian One to life, having identified a niche in the financial technology space. I originally started with a just small group of handpicked consultants, and over time we've organically grown to the 50+ employees organisation we are today.
Dominic Bennett
Through hiring the right people and providing hands-on mentoring, I’ve helped people rise through the ranks at Caspian One and create for themselves, satisfying and worthwhile careers to be proud of. Additionally, as key architect of our overall sales structure, I’ve also played a core part in Caspian One’s total growth to-date.
Adam Vipond
Since I joined Caspian One in 2007 the FinTech landscape has changed dramatically. For me, this has been a blessing, as it's allowed me to work up from ground level to now dealing with top-tier clients across the UK financial markets. In addition, I also have the benefit of a great team to manage, who are consistently delivering quality highly skilled candidates for our 30+ key clients in particular niche verticals.
Ben Rutter
I’ve been with Caspian One for the past seven years. In that time I’ve grown our global engagement capabilities (across three continents) within Vendor specific technologies (kbd+, ION etc…) whilst also working with other niche skillsets and business areas. Also, I have spear headed our client expansion. This has subsequently meant I have been the highest billings and sales consultant year on year since 2014. I believe my successes relates to the level of passion, intensity, drive and motivation I express. Much of this I learnt early in my career, through working in sales, with likeminded colleagues, and studying Marketing and Finance at University. However more importantly, it’s my ability to create real relationships with everyone I work with (client, candidate, colleague) that I credit highest. I’m now Caspian One FinTech’s Senior Account Manager, and in this role I lead our business development and client engagement activities. I also have the fantastic opportunity to share my experiences with my team, and see them craft rewarding careers.
Phil Staples
Recruitment is not just about ticking boxes. We've all heard recruiters talking about honesty and integrity, but how many actually take the time to truly understand their candidates and clients needs? I believe my success in recruitment has been directly related to my attention to detail when qualifying jobs and candidates, alongside the investment I've made in understanding the technology. This has allowed me to source individuals that not only fit the job description, but I know will also be a great fit within a company's culture.
Ben Dowdle
When my clients have endorsed me in the past, it’s typically been because of three elements; my professionalism, my working knowledge of the support market, and my due diligence throughout the process. Whilst it’s common for recruiters to promote these abilities, I’ve proven them time and again, across 5 years of recruiting for top-tier financial clients. I’m proud to say I both understand and comprehend the technologies, projects and skill demands in the market today - which allows me not just fill gaps, but truly place the right people.
Michael Davies
When it comes to recruitment, my approach is entirely people first. I operate equal-standing relationships with my entire network, built upon my expectations of contacts, to be honest, direct and open - coupled with me meeting their demands; providing transparent, flexible and thorough support with a high-level attention to detail. I was brought on to expand the reach in Infrastructure and Support with a particular focus on trading platform vendor SME’s. However, from the successful progression of that market, I’ve also been tasked to head up Caspian One’s developing Cloud presence - recruiting architects within the Cloud space with skill sets not just solely technical but also including evangelists to offer a wide range of truly talented individuals.
Mike Baxter
I’ve always had an interest in technology. Since joining Caspian One in 2014, I’ve built my reputation around understanding the markets in which I work; whilst providing an open, transparent recruitment service for the businesses and people I work with. My success and progression at Caspian One is based upon established relationships within the C# .NET communities. I’ve gained a reputation for consistently delivering, for both clients and candidates; with an analytical and intelligent approach to recruitment. I get a huge amount of satisfaction from finding a candidate the perfect job, or an ideal engineer for my top tier Investment Banking, Hedge Fund, and FinTech clients.
Zack Keane
Recruitment gives me a great sense of satisfaction. There is nothing better than helping someone take that 'next step' up the career ladder. I am a Java/C++ recruitment specialist who possesses a strong network across financial technology in London. I take a consultative approach; providing accurate information as-well-as around the clock support. Going that extra mile to really ensure my candidates are comfortable and have everything they need to perform at their best. I aim to hone-in on my candidates' motivations and current situation to ultimately see if this mirrors my clients' needs. I delve deeper than most when it comes to understanding my client's needs, to ensure that I do not waste their time and guarantee the best available candidates on the market. I'm honest, understanding and knowledgeable, with a strong reputation and confidence that anyone who's dealt with me in the past would certainly use me again.
Tom Booth
I genuinely enjoy talking to people and working out how I can help. I want to know their current situation and where they want to be. I also want to understand the market and its trends. To me, It's a problem-solving exercise that can only be conquered by truly understanding both a candidates desires and a client's expectations. Not only do I ensure I understand a candidates background, technical ability and motivations - I also appreciate that culture, environment, and team-fit are equally paramount for any hire. Clear and consistent communication is key. Without total transparency, expectations cannot be managed and ultimately, that is where any recruiter will fail. I pride myself on being completely frank in any given exchange; with the understanding that this will lead to a swift and stress-free experience. Not only can I provide candidates who I know can do the job, but I do it efficiently and make the entire experience as straightforward as any hire could possibly be.
Jacob Parker
A scientist by education, I graduated with a degree in biology and originally went into industry as a scientist. However, realising I didn’t want to spend my days in a laboratory, I decided to move into recruitment where I could continue to help people in a different way and different environment. I enjoy the challenge of helping people make important decisions and progress their careers.
Holly Ferns
I believe in pushing boundaries, exploring what scares me and challenging myself. I don’t think we should ever stop growing. Having previously worked in HR, the foundation of my career has been built on hard work, resilience, self-development, and drive. However, people have always been my focus. I believe that the most important part of what I do is understanding what people need, whether that’s candidates, clients or my own team. I enjoy helping other people become successful, and I see my role in recruitment playing a key part in that. Our careers massively impact our quality of life, by doing my job right I believe I can help people in a huge way.
Naser Yasser
Understanding the clients’ needs is the most important factor of recruitment, therefore I never end a call without making sure that every piece of information is given; not just for roles I have now, but for the roles I will have in the future. Coming from a computing background, having studied it at university for 3 years, being able to understand the talent and skills of the candidates I speak to every day makes it easier to find you the next step in your career. This means having a strong understanding of the JavaScript market, it is important as it helps me ask the right questions to fully understand your needs requirements.

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